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So terribly sorry you have to go through this terrible situation.  Try and keep the faith and keep your head up.  First thing I would do is try to get assistance from social services or hud or section 8 to help get you stabilized while looking for employment.  The second thing is look over your divorce contract.  My husband wasn't allowed to move my daughter out of the state we lived in without my written consent.  If he did, I would have to report it right away and he would get in trouble.  Also my contract states that I get so much time visitation and written correspondance and if he violated that he would get in trouble. And the last thing I found out from my horrible divorce is you have to go to court in the state the child is a resident of.  They have to be living there for 6 months to qualify as a resident.  So the next time he tries to up and move away from you , check your divorce papers and see if he's doing anything illegal.  Then check into a legal aid office where you live to have them stop him from moving.  If you keep following him all over the country because of the kids it will continue to ruin you finacially. 

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keeping my head up

I know things are hard for you right now but we have to keep the faith I know it is easier said than done Lord knows I do but we have to remember Jesus said that blessed are those that mourn(i just paraphrased that its in Matthew 5 I think I will look it up later) but anyway we are struggling now because God needs to know that he can count on us in the good and the bad and the bad and the bad just stay strong it wont be long now its time for God's people to prosper

you be blessed

Talk to keeping my head up

Keep your head up at all cost.  Eventually your kids are going to want to see their mother and he isn't going to be able to keep you away from them forever.  Try to get back on your feet first to help yourself.  By getting back on your feet, you'll be able to do whats necessary for your kids.  Be encourage lil sister.  Don't let anything keep you down.  Believe that you will overcome the situation instead of letting the situation overcome you.  J. Skip.

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